Poster campaign creates awareness for childhood cancer research

In the period from November, 8 to December, 12, we are drawing the attention of the Hamburg population to the topic of childhood cancer research with large posters in the Hamburg city area. Approximately 50 employees of the research institute are pursuing the goal of curing for all affected children in the future - without side effects and late effects in cooperation with children cancer research institutes worldwide. #knackdieletzten20

Childhood tumors differ from those of adults and require treatment concepts specifically tailored to young patients. The most common forms are blood cancers (leukemias), brain tumors and tumors of the lymphatic tissue. Carcinomas, on the other hand, which account for more than 90 percent of new cases in adults, are rare.

Targeted research on childhood cancers is needed to increase cure rates and reduce side effects such as late effects.

Only a few people know: Funding and public attention for childhood cancer research are limited due to low case numbers, and childhood cancer research is particularly dependent on support through donations.

Poster of the campaign (download: see box below the picture):

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