Dr. Andreas Klasen

Affected father

"My younger daughter was diagnosed with cancer three years ago and subsequently spent a long time in the oncology unit at the UKE. For me, the level of care that the doctors and nursing staff have shown is incredible. We – my wife and I – are very grateful for that. For us, it is clear that we want to give something back. It is impressive what has happened in cancer therapy in the past decades. My father died of cancer when I was a little boy – no comparison to the possibilities today. That's why I want to support cancer research.

It is inspiring to see that the institute has already become a major player in international cancer research – with a dedicated team and great achievements. More and more results are published in respected professional journals and will one day benefit patients. I find that incredibly satisfying. I hope that this continues and that the scientists will achieve the goal that we all wish for – defeating cancer!"

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