Space and time for science. New clinician scientist for brain tumor research

Once a year, the UCCH Research Retreat is probably the most popular opportunity for all Hamburg cancer researchers to get to know each other and exchange ideas. Even though the meeting was held virtually this time, there were, in addition to substantial talks, poster presentations, and young research prizes, again four grants, which give young doctors the opportunity to conduct research in parallel to their clinical work (so called Clinician Scientists). Sina Al-Kershi is one of these four Clinician Scientists. The young doctor from the PHO will have the opportunity to work with Professor Dr. Ulrich Schüller to research in the field of childhood brain tumors. Her main goal is to better understand the biology of malignant rhabdoid tumors and to make it therapeutically useful. "It is extremely important to give physicians the space and time to do their own research and thus gain an understanding of scientific work and basic molecular research," Professor Dr. Ulrich Schüller. His group is working intensively on the biological understanding in the field of childhood brain tumors and the faster transfer of molecular results to medical application. This is urgently needed, because childhood brain tumors are the second most common childhood cancer. Please find out more about our brain tumor research here.

About the UCCH Research Retreat: The UCCH Research Retreat, which traditionally takes place annually in Jesteburg, was held for the first time as an online format this year. Over 70 scientists at UCCH met virtually to exchange their research results and to choose the best young scientists.

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