"Let’s Beat Cancer" charity soccer match

Fundraising for childhood cancer

In order to draw attention to the topic of childhood cancer and its research, the children's teams of the Teutonia 05 Ottensen soccer club wear jerseys with our logo. The campaign was initiated and financed by Mischa Karafiat and Wolfgang Brückner, fathers of kids on the teams. The entrepreneurs deliberately cast aside the possibility of advertising on the jerseys in favor of the logo KNACK DEN KREBS. Mischa Karafiat's main objective is to raise public awareness for childhood cancer research, which is underfunded. In addition, the family father would like to promote volunteer structures in youth soccer. "Behind both youth teams are people whose volunteer engagement – above and beyond their actual tasks – has a positive impact on our entire society. Such engagement takes place millions of times a day without adequate attention and appreciation. Instead of a financial success for individuals, with this type of cooperation we are deliberately focusing on the social commitment of both clubs," said Wolfgang Brückner.

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