Hubertus Wald Young Investigator Awards for AG Schüller

This year, two researchers from AG Schüller received the Hubertus Wald Research Award from the University Cancer Center Hamburg (UCCH) - an award that honors promising young research projects. "There is nothing more important than paving the way into the research community for those who want to get involved in cancer research and cancer medicine – by networking or precisely through the appropriate funding of projects," explained Prof. Carsten Bokemeyer, Director of the UCCH, at the opening of the award ceremony in the historically restored Fritz Schumacher Lecture Hall. In a short review, he also reported on previous award winners and their careers, who have made it to important positions in cancer research and medicine.

Hubertus Wald Young Investigator Awards illustrate high level of cancer research in Hamburg

This year, Dr. Melanie Schoof received the Hubertus Wald young investigator award of 4,000 Euros for her glioblastoma research projekt with her work "Exploration of cellular origins and therapeutic targets by modeling high-grade pediatric glioma of the MYCN subclass in mice“ . She provides a better understanding of a new and highly aggressive subgroup of childhood glioblastomas. The knowledge about the development and cellular composition of these tumors will be used to improve the therapy of children with the disease. Alicia Eckhardt received a poster award for her glioma research project "Global mean methylation serves as independent prognostic marker in glioblastoma". Here, she shows which prognostic markers exist in glioblastoma that correlate with patient survival in order to predict response to therapy in the future. Congratulations!


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