50,000 euros funding + technicans support: C19.CHILD study

As part of the new C19.CHILD Hamburg study, the UKE is examining the severity and frequency of an infection with the new corona virus in 6,000 children and adolescents. Data from pediatric risk groups will also be compared - i.a. children after a stem cell transplantation. The Fördergemeinschaft Kinderkrebs-Zentrum Hamburg e.V. supports the research project with a donation of 50,000 euros. Furthermore, the Forschungsinstitut Kinderkrebs-Zentrum Hamburg provides technical assistants for the study. Professor Dr. Martin Horstmann, the scientific director of the institute: “We have been researching the molecular basis of childhood cancer, improved diagnostics and the further development of innovative treatment methods for almost 15 years. The data from the UKE study will be important for us in order to be able to make reliable statements about the role of Covid-19 for children with cancer ”.

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