New approaches to the treatment of Sonic Hedgehog (SHH) medulloblastoma

Medulloblastoma (MB) is the most frequent malignant brain tumour in children with a poor outcome. The genetic causes for the development of MB are not yet entirely clear, so the Schüller research team is particularly interested in its molecular pathogenesis. Now, the team was able to demonstrate that PIK3CA mutations in Sonic Hedgehog (SHH) medulloblastomas promote aggressive tumor growth and tumor metastases. Professor Dr. Ulrich Schüller:“ This is particularly interesting, because we can use targeted medication to counteract the activation of pathological PIK3CA signaling“. It could therefore be relevant to more often test medulloblastomas for this type of mutation in the future. The results, which Dr. Judith Niesen, in particular, has worked out within the team, can now be read at Cancer letters:
Original article Pik3ca mutations significantly enhance the growth of Shh medulloblastoma and lead to metastatic tumor growth in a novel mouse model

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