Tour of Hope

Fighting leukemia with sporting spirit and staying power

The Tour of Hope is a charity cycling event that has supported leukemia research at our research institute for over ten years. Every year, prominent participants collect donations for childhood cancer research in Germany during a bicycle tour of several hundred kilometers. The idea for the first tour in 1983 came from Professor Fritz Lampert of the University of Giessen. At that time, the oncologist cycled the initial route together with 50 like-minded people – with a great deal of sporting spirit and the goal of helping children with cancer in mind. Today, more than 200 doctors, athletes, celebrities, politicians and idealistic-minded citizens cover a distance of more than 200 km and raise funds in the process. "The mission of the Tour of Hope is to help young people with cancer and give more children the chance of a cure. For years, we have therefore supported Professor Horstmann's important research into childhood leukemias," said Gerhard Becker, the main person responsible for the Tour of Hope.

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