Improving the outcomes of children with cancer

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Burkhard Meyer

»As a donor, it's great to have direct contact with the researchers and to see how my contribution facilitates scientific progress.«

Managing Director of ATH Altona Technology Holding GmbH, CEO of the Burkhard Meyer Foundation:

»I've supported the institute almost since its founding. My wife’s fate is what prompted me to concern myself intensively with the topic of cancer. What impressed me from the start – the researchers are totally committed with heart and soul. I explored the building site with Ms. Barkmann and was highly pleased to provide support for the construction of such a research institute. And on a personal level as well it all seemed a perfect fit. The hope of improving the recovery chances of children step-by-step brings us together with the aim of making a meaningful contribution to common good.

As a donor, it's great to have direct contact with the researchers and to see how my contribution facilitates scientific progress. My foundation currently finances postgraduate positions and laboratory sponsorships. We've also set up a fund to promote young scientific professionals. Helping young people is very important to me, and I of course follow the progress of "my" graduate students. As an example, I was present at Lena Harder's defense of her doctoral thesis at the university, and it was good to see how she was congratulated afterwards by her friends and parents – and also that she passed with flying colors.«

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Schneppenheim

»Without donations, cutting-edge cancer research is hardly possible.«

Director of the Department of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology, University Medical Center Hamburg:

Why is it so important to donate to children's cancer research?

»Without donations, cancer research as we do it can hardly be done at all. To consistently continue with our innovative research methods, we depend on modern equipment and the continuous technical expansion of our laboratories, and that costs real money. Added to this is the fact that industrial research somewhat neglects types of cancer typical for children because of their relative infrequency. An institute such as ours depends on funding from third parties – money from the German research community, German Cancer Aid, the Federal Research Ministry, and of course donations.

Here in Hamburg we're fortunate to have a support community that understands just how important research is, and this community ensures the basic financing of the institute and also provides start-up funding for new projects. However, even that isn't enough to cover the high costs. As a result, the Research Institute also solicits donations, for example in the form of project and laboratory sponsoring. Each single euro is highly welcome and will be put to use meaningfully.«

Alexandra Gärtner

»Our customers appreciate our commitment.«

Employee at Calumet Photographic GmbH:

»Twice a year we organize a “trade fair day” in our stores. On these occasions we offer customers a free service that normally costs 59 euros. At some point – it was 2010 – we wondered why not collect money for a good cause? We quickly agreed that we wanted to do something for children – not just anywhere, but in Hamburg. We decided on cancer research because of a colleague.

In the meantime the fundraising has become a passion for us. I think it's really great when I have to empty the donation box because it's full and no more money can fit in, but the day hasn't yet ended. That's when we know that our customers appreciate our commitment. We're also always pleased when we beat the old fundraising record – the first time we collected around 600 euros, and in the meantime we always collect more than 1,000 euros.

We think it's important that money is invested in research, and that's the reason why we're carrying on with this and why we don't look for a different organization to donate to each time.«

Ute Zander

»Research is important to help get right to the root of the problem.«


»Research is important to help get right to the root of the problem. It makes me sad when babies are born with a disease or when children get sick due to environmental conditions. This is the reason why I've supported children's cancer research since 2011. I found out about the Research Institute of the Children's Cancer Center on the Internet, and for me it wasn't important that it's located in Hamburg. I would have given it my support if it had been in Berlin or Frankfurt.

Because I teach painting, I do a lot of paintings in the course of a year, and I simply wanted to make sure that these went to a good cause. I also appeal to students participating in my classes and other artists I know, and up until now they have always been keen to donate a picture. I organize auctions once or twice a year, and all the money now flows into cancer research.

It was great that Professor Horstmann took the time to accompany me through the complete research department, and it was also really interesting to be able to peer over the shoulders of the researchers. As a minor donor, it's also my aim to be mentioned on the wall in the foyer at some stage, so I'm going to keep going with this and try to carry on achieving good proceeds for the research.«

Petra Siekmann

»Children are our future. They need our support - especially children who are sick.«

Medical assistant in Gütersloh:

»I work in a doctor's office and know how traumatic cancer is. For this reason I think it's important to never cease researching, in order to develop gentler therapies and to better understand the causes of the disease. In particular, I also think it's important to support childhood leukemia research – after all, children are our future. Along with the elderly, they’re the most vulnerable members of our society and need our support, especially children who are sick.

I became a donor last year. I had a big party on the occasion of my birthday, and I didn't want material gifts but wanted to collect money and donate it. I thought a long time about what I should do with the money. With the Children's Cancer Center in Hamburg, I know exactly where the money goes and how it is used. I also got hold of brochures and flyers to show these to my guests, they all thought it was a good cause, and the total collected certainly exceeded my expectations. I myself topped up the final amount.«

Dr. Andreas Klasen

»Our younger daughter was diagnosed with cancer three years ago. We realized the importance of cancer research and now we want to give something back in return.«

Father of a cancer survivor:

»Our younger daughter was diagnosed with cancer three years ago, and because of this she spent prolonged periods in the children’s oncology ward at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf. The care the doctors and nurses gave our daughter was simply amazing, and my wife and I will be forever grateful for their professionalism, expertise, and compassion. For us, it is clear that we want to give something back in return.

The progress achieved in cancer therapy in recent decades has been impressive. My father died of cancer when I was a little boy – no comparison to today's possibilities. That's why we want to support cancer research.

It's good to see that the Institute has made a name for itself within the field of international cancer research – and with a committed team and laudable successes. Ever more results are being published in prestigious journals, and thus patients will ultimately benefit as well. I find that intensely satisfying, I hope that it will continue and that scientists will be able to achieve the goal we all hope for – that cancer will one day be conquered!«